Horse riding at the Heidi Alm Falkert

Xandi, the riding instructor from the Heidi-Hotel, offers beside the Heidi Park, at the Zirbenhütte, riding courses for beginners and advanced children.

You can expect our 3 ponies BOBBY, HANNI, CLARA, our horse LILLY and our riding donkey FIFFY


Heidi Hotel, or Tel. +43 (0) 4275/7222

Our range:

Taster riding for beginners:

EUR 15, - (15 minutes)

For beginners from about 4 years a few laps on the lunge: EUR 25, - (about 25 minutes)

For the braver with riding experience, independent riding on the train:

EUR 40, - (about 50 minutes)

Beginners children riding in the saddle from 6 years:

EUR 150, - (5-day course, daily 3 hours, Mon-Fri max 3-5 children)

Hand-guided pony-walking-riding over the pasture:

EUR 30, - (about 30 minutes) or EUR 50, - (about 50 minutes)

Accompanied rides over the Alm on request from 1 July only for advanced:

EUR 50, - (about 50 minutes)